PixMoor ExpressStudio technology is already used by many well-known department stores and retailers of clothes, spare parts and lights. Our fast, high-quality product photography studio has served many manufacturers and vendors of electronics, bicycles, clothes and many other brand products.


Kokkolan Halpa-Halli

Halpa-Halli is the second largest discount store chain in Finland, and for their new webstore we photographed 20,000 products in four months.


Proxel is a company that specialises in importation and resale of heavy machinery. Their product photos are taken by the personnel. With the help of the PixMoor photography solution, the photos can be directly transferred to the webstore admin.


A rapidly growing furniture webstore photographs their furniture with a system supplied by PixMoor at their own warehouse, achieving significant savings in transport costs.


The largest electronic equipment supplier in Finland, SLO, utilises PixMoor 3D product photography in their webstore.


Tunturi, a Finnish manufacturer of bicycles and fitness equipment established in 1922, utilises PixMoor’s photography service for 360 photography of their bicycles.


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