These are the most advanced product photography equipment on the market. With the equipment, you can easily take high-quality and professional photos of your products. The photography process will become much quicker and you will achieve significant cost savings as soon as you take the equipment into use. All our equipment will crop, clip and transfer product photos automatically onto your server. The photos will be named with, for example, the product code scanned with a barcode reader during the photography session.
With the help of the newest technology, you can upload your product photos to your webstore faster than your competitors. In addition to the immediate cost savings and higher photography quality, automation also helps reduce the irksome mistakes that may occur during the photography process work and information processing.
Acquiring the device is recommended, if more than 150 products are photographed every month. If you take less photographs, we recommend you to have a look at our handy photography service.

GS1 ExpressStudio 3D

The flagship product of our collection can produce high-quality 3D and still photos of products up to 75 cm tall, at a quick pace and with just one push of a button. The device features five DSLR cameras, a rotating base, a lighting solution providing smooth, even lighting, an integrated computer and a robust stand. This device has all you need for your photography session – you can start right away!

Size of the device is 150*130*115cm (W*H*D).

ExpressStudio Still

If you mostly take still photos of your products, we recommend the ExpressStudio Still, which can produce ready-to-publish photos of up to 60–70 products per hour! The device features three DSLR cameras, a lighting solution providing smooth, even lighting, an integrated computer and a robust stand. The device is ready to use – you only need to plug in the power cord and Internet cable.

116*92*79cm (L*K*S), max 60cm tuotteille.

150*130*115cm (L*K*S), max 100cm tuotteille.

ExpressStudio Flat

The flat photography device is well suited to the quick-paced photography of clothes, in particular. Just place the product on the base and push a button – our system will manage the rest. In addition to clothing, the device is well-suited to all products up to 95cm x 110cm in size. The device can also be installed vertically, which enables photographing clothes on a hanger or fashion mannequin. The device can also be easily turned into a larger version.

Laitteen koko on 135*220*150cm (L*K*S).
Laitteen mukana toimitetaan jalusta.

ExpressStudio Magnum

Our collection also features solutions for taking still photos or 360 photos of larger products, such as bicycles, furniture and motor vehicles. A photography system built in the customer’s own premises brings significant savings in labour and logistics costs. Local, automated product photography brings a competitive edge and speeds up the inventory rotation.


CONTACT US! We will make you an offer of a time-saving, high-quality solution that helps your webstore stand out from the rest.