Contact information

Pixmoor Finland

Myllyojankatu 2
24100 Finland

+358 40 5459 846

Pixmoor Denmark

Klostermosevej 140
3000 Helsingor

+45 25 330 295

Information about the company.

PixMoor is a modern, innovative photography technology company. Our goal is to build long-term client relationships and help our customers optimise the challenges related to the entire product photography process, from start to finish. We will benefit you through our long-term experience on production processes and automation. Together, we can build the most effective webstore process in the world!

Markus Ranua

Markus Ranua

Sales Director
+358 45 631 3045

Lars Bodenhoff

Lars Bodenhoff

Country Manager
+45 25 330 295


PixMoor is continuously looking for retailers in several European countries.
We would also be interested in working with photography studios that wish to provide local, cost-efficient 3D or still photography services.
We expect you to have an existing, established customer base.

CONTACT US! We will make you an offer of a time-saving, high-quality solution that helps your webstore stand out from the rest.